At Northgate Primary School, our vision is for children to be proud of themselves and strive to be the best they can. We recognise the importance of the PE curriculum and the role it has to play in fostering confidence and promoting a long-term healthy lifestyle. Our curriculum will help children:

  • develop a sense of belonging: through providing opportunities to develop values such as fairness and respect through team games; by recognising children’s individuality and teaching them to know and appreciate their own skills and strengths, as well as those of others; promoting inclusivity, so that they feel happy and safe; by supporting all children to achieve success.
  • grow in confidence in communicating: through encouraging self-reflection and the ability to evaluate others, giving positive feedback; through opportunities to discuss tactics, recognising the role good communication plays in teamwork; by providing situations for them to develop confidence in their movement, using PE to express themselves in different ways.
  • develop a resilient attitude: by providing opportunities to develop good sportsmanship during lessons and through competitions; by teaching the skills that will help them overcome barriers to a healthy and active lifestyle; by promoting the connection between physical activity and mental-wellbeing so that they have a greater self-confidence to face the future.