“True religion is real living: living will all of one’s soul, with all of one’s goodness and righteousness.” Albert Einstein

Intent: We believe that RE plays a key role in the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our children. Through our enquiry-based approach, they will develop a greater understanding of world views and religions. They will:

  • develop a sense of belonging by encouraging a heightened awareness of their own beliefs; growing in empathy as they develop a greater consideration of the beliefs of those in their local and the wider global community. 
  • develop confidence in communicating through open discussion and contemplation of ideas; establishing a safe environment of open-mindedness where sharing individual views is encouraged and valued.

develop a resilient attitude by asking and reflecting on challenging questions and concepts; by looking at evidence to explore the authenticity and veracity of different beliefs; through appreciating the richness and scope that different views and beliefs bring to society as a whole