Our curriculum seeks to equip our children to learn from the past, live confidently in the present and prepare for the future by looking forwards. Children will develop:

  • a sense of belonging 

through taking responsibility for and pride in their own learning and actions and the impact they have on others and the environment (being agents for change in their world), developing positive social and family relationships built on mutual support and respect, growing in empathy and appreciating diversity so that they care about their local and global community.

  • confidence in communicating  

through critical thinking, questioning, explaining, understanding the value of having a voice and listening, developing opinions and articulating and communicating these confidently. 

  • a resilient attitude 

through building a ‘can do’ attitude, knowing that failure is synonymous with learning, encouraging curiosity and critical- thinking skill, equipping them with the skills to navigate safely through the digital world, encouraging a sense of self-worth and the ability to self-regulate and promoting the right to be happy and safe, free from exploitation and fear.