We deliver a PSHE Curriculum that is accessible to all and aims to nurture and develop the attitudes, values and skills our children need to thrive in society, addressing any moral, social or cultural issues they might face.

Through our curriculum they will:

  • develop a sense of belonging by contributing fully so they reach their potential as members of their school, local and global communities; understanding their social, emotional and spiritual development as they grow; by embracing and appreciating diversity and the differences of those around them, allowing them to build healthy and fulfilling relationships.
  • develop confidence in communicating by reflecting on their own experiences and of those around them; by listening and responding to the ideas of others, accepting and celebrating differences; by developing their emotional literacy so they are aware they have a powerful voice in the world.
  • develop a resilient attitude by developing knowledge of themselves, becoming aware of their own mental well-being and the strategies to support themselves and those around them; by working well with others, to become increasingly responsible and accountable for their emotions, their behaviour and their learning to enable them to play a healthy and rewarding role in society.