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WVAT Covid-19 Statement

WVAT Covid-19 Statement

In line with the recent publication of the government’s roadmap setting out the next steps in terms of dealing with the Covid-19 emergency, Waveney Valley Academies Trust have worked closely with our school leaders to build an approach to further facilitate the opening of our schools.

We have created our own roadmap which outlines the order in which wider opening will be undertaken. We believe that our own approach is in line with that of central government, with a focus on monitoring and review to assess any increased risk as children are gradually reintroduced to a school environment, albeit one with a very different feel to the school they left back in March. 

The Trust will ensure that all appropriate resources are available to schools, and that appropriate safety measures are implemented, in line with government advice. As a Trust, we pride ourselves on collaborative working and therefore have an expectation that every staff member, parent and young person will continue to support and work with our school leaders as we welcome young people back to the classrooms. Obviously it is essential that the new, covid-secure practices, which have been put in place under government guidelines for everybody’s safety, are followed. The Trust will support school leader’s decisions around proportionate responses and/or action where students / pupils fail to follow these guidelines.

In conclusion, we would like to express our thanks and our gratitude for the work our staff have undertaken so far in these unprecedented times, and for their ongoing collective efforts over the next few weeks and months.

Coronavirus Risk Assessment

Please click here for our Coronavirus Risk Assessment. ... opens with your PDF viewer.



School Closure Details

Northgate Primary School will be CLOSED to all children including children of Key Workers and vulnerable children for May half term: May 25th to 29th and on Monday 1st and Tuesday 2nd June.

This is for deep cleaning and organisation of classrooms to prepare for opening more widely on 3rd June.

Parents will be asked to contact the school to let us know your childcare requirements for June.

A letter will be issued next week with further details.



To all parents and carers of children in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6

Northgate Primary School is planning a phased return to school from June 2020 based on government guidelines. Safety for children, staff and families is our priority although maintaining social distancing is easier for older children and virtually impossible for children in Nursery, Reception and Key Stage 1. We will take all necessary step but cannot guarantee that there will be no transmission of the virus to your child and your family. This may cause anxiety, however you have a choice about whether to send your child to school and there will be no attendance sanctions if you choose to keep your child at home. School will be completely different for the youngest children as the following will apply:

  • Children will be in small groups of 10 pupils to 2 adults
  • Each group will be allocated a room, which may not be a familiar room
  • The adults may not be those that your children know well
  • The small groups will not interact with any others during the school day
  • There will be no communal assemblies, playtimes or lunchtimes, all of these will be done in the same groups
  • Children will be required to wash frequently
  • Children will have limited access to resources/toys/play equipment etc
  • Children will need to keep a safe distance from each other and adults
  • There will be no clubs or after school activities
  • The school day will be staggered with different start and finish times and will be shorter

We will do our best to create the nurturing environment that our school is renowned for but this will be a challenge to us all.

We need to know the numbers of children to plan for, so your completion of the survey to find out is vital to the safe phased reopening.

PLEASE COMPLETE THE SURVEY BY TUESDAY 19th MAY 2020 (Link will be sent by Text)

Covid-19 and Mental Health

Covid-19 and Mental Health

Below are some resources to help support mental health through this lockdown period.

Mental health support line Point 1: 0800 9774077 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Apps to support mental well being:

smiling mind  - focussed on meditation and mindfulness for children and adults

Worry tree - allows you to record your worries and then resolve your anxieties

Meetwo allows children to discuss your worries anonymously with other children. The site is mediated by professionals.

Health uncovered podcasts which can be found at

Childline have a counselling service via webchat this site has a section on emotional health

Parentline 07520631590 provides support for parents

Young Minds website has a parents guide for supporting children who may be suffering from depression

The next website provides a guide if, as a parent, you feel you may need help with your own mental health

Our Vision

Vision Statement
At Northgate Community Primary School our Vision is for children to be proud of themselves and strive to be the best that they can; to feel understood and supported to achieve success; to be safe and happy; to learn the skills to give them confidence to face the future; to know how to behave well; to be treated equally and to feel important within their school, family and the wider community.

In order to achieve this Vision we promise to encourage the following in our pupils:

Motivation and enthusiasm for their learning and a desire to do their best.

Secure competency in the basic skills for learning.
To begin to take responsibility for aspects of their own learning and gain in confidence and self-esteem.
Respect for the feelings and property of others with appropriate behaviour and self-discipline.
Effective skills and progress in relation to their prior attainment and future potential.
Aspirations for the future in a nurturing, supportive environment where citizenship and its associated responsibilities are evident.

"We are proud of ourselves and want to be the best we can"

"I know that I need to work hard to learn skills that give me confidence to face the future"

"Everyone here behaves well and we are all treated equally."

OUR Ethos

In order for us to inspire our pupils we undertake to:

Provide high quality teaching to enable pupils to achieve high standards which is matched to the differing needs of the pupils.
Provide equal opportunities for all, regardless of their ability, age, gender, religion, race, physical ability or social background.
Develop a partnership with parents that contribute to and supports pupil learning, recognising the school as part of the community.
Provide an appropriate and stimulating learning environment with high quality accommodation and resources.
Systematically assess pupils to ensure individual needs are met.
Provide clear leadership and effective management which moves the school forward.
Provide a safe, calm and positive working environment for staff and pupils.
Provide a climate where individuals are valued and respect is mutual.
Provide discipline that is fair and consistent.
Maintain the established nurturing environment and value everyone.