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 Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome to our rapidly changing and growing Primary School. This is our first year as a full Primary school with children from Nursery to Year 6, which is very exciting. Some of our children going into Year 6 have been with us since they were three years old! We will have our first official Year 6 SATs results in July 2019.

We were judged as “Good” by Ofsted in July 2018, the visit by three inspectors at the very end of the summer term took us all by surprise but we emerged with flying colours and it has confirmed all of our self-evaluation and we are very pleased to be in receipt of such a positive report.

We are recognised nationally as a Nurturing School, with the award of the kite mark reaccredited in 2018. We are the only school in the country that has continued to maintain the rigorous standards to enable us to be reaccredited for the fourth time which makes us very proud of the staff who strive to consistently achieve this.

In 2012 we were proud to be awarded Investors in Families which is a nationally recognised standard for working with families. We continue to maintain this standard and Marie Gauld, our Parent Support Advisor is always on hand to help with all aspects of family life. 

We work in close partnership with Premier Education to ensure that every child has access to high quality sports and PE. 
As a result of excellent teaching and learning in a different language we were awarded “Linguamarque” status last year and expect to gain the Silver award in November. 
We value the importance of our multi-lingual pupils and have become involved in a scheme to enable children to be “Young Interpreters”; they work hard with children who struggle to speak English and ensure that the cultural heritage of every child is respected and celebrated. 

Our extensive grounds, exciting adventure playground, pond area, well stocked library, up to date computing equipment and supportive staff make our school a happy thriving environment for children in Great Yarmouth. This is why our children are kind, happy, lively and friendly and learn to develop a love of learning. 

We hope you will choose our school to give your children the best possible start to their education.