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Returning to School – September 2020

Returning to School – September 2020


We hope that your child enjoyed their transition session with their new teacher. It was lovely to see the children back in school. We are very much looking forward to getting everyone back in September, hopefully to some sort of normality after this difficult period of time.

It remains our aim to ensure the safest possible return for everyone. If your child attended a transition session, you will already have received a letter informing you of the new start and end time, and school entry point for your child. If they did not attend, your letter is available for collection with your child’s report from the school office.

From September, we ask that only one adult brings or collects a child, to reduce the number of people on site. Please exit the site immediately after leaving your child. If you wish to discuss anything of any detail with a member of staff, please make an appointment.


As always, the rule is that if a child or any member of their family has a persistent cough, a high temperature or a disordered sense of taste or smell, the child should not attend school and they and their family must follow government self-isolation guidance and engage with NHS Test and Trace procedures.


The point of this letter is to let you know what extra steps we will be taking both to settle children back into school and to reduce the chance of infection when school resumes.

  • We are aware that some children may be anxious about returning or may have experienced personal or family difficulty during the lockdown period. Staff are ready to respond to this and provide help and support as necessary.
  • We intend to deliver our usual full and exciting curriculum. Children have obviously missed a lot of schooling and teachers will be assessing where children are at as they routinely do with a new class. Teaching will be based on the findings of these assessments. Children with specific needs will receive additional support as they always have done.
  • There will be distancing where possible of at least one metre, particularly between adults and between adults and children. However it is recognised that maintaining social distancing is more difficult for children. Therefore, in order to restrict infection spread, children and staff will be assigned to a ‘Bubble’ which corresponds to one year group. Children will learn, eat and socialise within that ‘Bubble’ with the staff assigned to their group.
  • It will not be possible to run Sunflowers after school facility for at least the first term or any other after school club that takes children from across the school. Doing so will clearly undermine the protective ‘Bubble’ system and risk a wider outbreak of infection should one occur. There will be a sports club for each ‘Bubble’ on one day a week after school that your child can apply to join. We are aware that this might be inconvenient for some parents but we have to put the safety of everyone first.
  • There will be frequent handwashing at key points in the day and regular cleaning of all commonly used spaces and equipment.
  • Children will have their own set of key equipment to use. Any shared equipment will be cleaned before re-use.
  • On PE days, we ask that children wear their kit to and from school. There will be no changing of clothes for PE in school.
  • We may be restricted to packed lunches only at the start of term until NORSE, our contractor can deliver a safe service. More detail will follow when we hear from them.
  • When a child or family member has symptoms of Covid 19, we expect them to seek a test and fully engage with NHS Test and Trace and to keep school informed of outcomes including test results, to enable us to take protective action as required by the Government guidance.

We hope that you and your family have a safe and happy summer and we look forward to welcoming you back in September.

Mrs C Andrews, Mrs S Young

(Assistant Head Teachers)

WVAT Covid-19 Statement

WVAT Covid-19 Statement

In line with the recent publication of the government’s roadmap setting out the next steps in terms of dealing with the Covid-19 emergency, Waveney Valley Academies Trust have worked closely with our school leaders to build an approach to further facilitate the opening of our schools.

We have created our own roadmap which outlines the order in which wider opening will be undertaken. We believe that our own approach is in line with that of central government, with a focus on monitoring and review to assess any increased risk as children are gradually reintroduced to a school environment, albeit one with a very different feel to the school they left back in March. 

The Trust will ensure that all appropriate resources are available to schools, and that appropriate safety measures are implemented, in line with government advice. As a Trust, we pride ourselves on collaborative working and therefore have an expectation that every staff member, parent and young person will continue to support and work with our school leaders as we welcome young people back to the classrooms. Obviously it is essential that the new, covid-secure practices, which have been put in place under government guidelines for everybody’s safety, are followed. The Trust will support school leader’s decisions around proportionate responses and/or action where students / pupils fail to follow these guidelines.

In conclusion, we would like to express our thanks and our gratitude for the work our staff have undertaken so far in these unprecedented times, and for their ongoing collective efforts over the next few weeks and months.

Covid-19 and Mental Health

Covid-19 and Mental Health

Below are some resources to help support mental health through this lockdown period.

Mental health support line Point 1: 0800 9774077 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Apps to support mental well being:

smiling mind  - focussed on meditation and mindfulness for children and adults

Worry tree - allows you to record your worries and then resolve your anxieties

Meetwo allows children to discuss your worries anonymously with other children. The site is mediated by professionals.

Health uncovered podcasts which can be found at

Childline have a counselling service via webchat this site has a section on emotional health

Parentline 07520631590 provides support for parents

Young Minds website has a parents guide for supporting children who may be suffering from depression

The next website provides a guide if, as a parent, you feel you may need help with your own mental health





We are celebrating with a day of storytelling with John Harris and a band concert by The Austin Beats.

NURTURE: We were visited in May by an Assessor looking at our Nurture provision in the two Nurture groups and across the school. Findings included: the standard of care within the nurture group continues to be extremely good; children feel safe and secure; the children are encouraged to develop a good range of social and personal skills; it was a privilege to observe staff modelling a positive regard for each other, as well as the children, which encouraged the relationship between the staff and children to flourish.

The conclusion was that the school fulfils the criteria for achieving the Marjorie Boxall Quality Mark Award for another three years.

We are the only school in the country to have achieved reaccreditation for the fourth consecutive time.

OFSTED: A team of three inspectors came on day one, two on the second day. They spent time in classrooms, spoke to groups of staff and children and governors, listened to children read, looked at the work in their books and spoke to parents on the playground.

The outcome of the visit is that we are a good school in every area.

Comments included: pastoral care and nurture are strengths of the school; children are enthusiastic learners with high aspirations; everyone works cohesively to meet the needs of all pupils; the wealth of expertise of all staff enables pupils to settle, thrive and make good progress; the curriculum develops pupils to be good and caring citizens; disadvantaged pupils and pupils with SEN and/or disabilities are supported well to make good progress; there is a strong safeguarding culture where pupils’ well-being is a priority; pupils show a love of learning; pupils are lively and sociable; early years is well led and managed.

The report has many comments about how well pupils learn and make good progress over time, mentioning how well mathematics and phonics skills are taught and praising the broad and balanced curriculum, effectiveness of enrichment to deepen learning and clear progression across year groups.

There were several comments about how positive our parents and governors are and how confident they are that we are exciting and inspiring children.

We are very pleased that our tireless commitment to offering a fully inclusive and relevant education delivered in an atmosphere of support and nurture has been recognised in this report. We thank everyone in school who contributed and especially to our loyal, caring and enthusiastic staff and our children.

We are committed to doing the best for our children, you are why we are here!

Mrs Lindsay Hanger

Head Teacher

Morning of live music!

Massive thanks to Norfolk Music Hub for a wonderful morning of Live Music today. We learnt about the different instruments and heard the theme songs of some of our favourite films.DfFj4ixXUAEN2dF