Northgate Primary School

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Northgate Primary School follows the LA recommendations and admits all Reception children in September of the year they are 5 years old. The Education Office has allocated up to 60 places. Should we have more applicants than the 60, the admissions officer will decide and parents can appeal. We may be instructed to make a “Temporary Exception” to admit up to 4 children over numbers following LA places being oversubscribed in the locality. The younger children with birthdays from 28th February to 31st August will have the option to attend morning sessions in the autumn term and become full time from January. To help your child to settle quickly we stagger the entry of pupils and admit them in small groups into their respective classes to meet their teachers. We try to ensure all children are in class within the first two weeks of term. Children with summer birthdays (1st April to 31st August) may be admitted in the following autumn term when they become Statutory School age, this means that they will be taught out of year group in the year below. Parents will be asked to sign a declaration agreeing to this.

(School Admissions Code DfE 2014)
Norfolk County Council Admissions website
Northgate Primary Admissions Policy